Welcome! I'm Chantel.

My book Finding Your Financial Type: Clearing the Hurdles to Financial Wellness will help you get crystal clear about your money so you can create the right goals to help you get to the next level.

Let's build a better relationship with money so you can establish a life-long habit of financial wellness.

Does this sound familiar?

You might feel like...

...you should "already" know your money stuff.

You don’t know who to ask when it comes to your financial questions - because you usually have everything figured out already.

...you don't know the best time to start asking questions.

Addressing your money questions should be at the top of your list - but it just *hasn’t* made it there yet. Unfortunately, there’s no magical time where you have no expenses coming up or things happening. A day like simply won’t exist.

...you don't know how exactly to balance spending and saving.

Everyone seems to be going on big trips and having six-figure weddings. You wonder why you're not. Should you be? Or should you be investing for your future? Or both?

Especially if you work in the medical field, you might also feel...

...haunted by your student loan debt.

Healing the sick might be no big deal - but your debt freaks you out. Your attention is so laser-focused on debt that you can't seem to grow healthier financially. You also don't know if you should paying it off or investing in retirement.


Gaining clarity about personal finances, taking financial ownership, and building a healthy relationship with money is hard, and the anxiety of tackling such could be holding you back. There is a way to enter into a healthy relationship with our finances, starting with discovering your FIN type.(?) Everyone―the millennial, the single parent, the forty-year-old blue collar worker, or the late-fifties CEO―has a financial type, or FIN type, and it’s never too late or too early to start working on your financial plan.

Why I Do What I Do

There is no voice or champion for improving the money mindset of the emerging leaders in business and medicine. And, *not* having a healthy money mindset delays your trajectory so much. 

Your finances shouldn’t be something that…

>> Feels like a burden.

>> Or makes you feel behind.

Here's the thing:

Money has always made sense to me. And it’s always been a positive force in my life. I find it shocking and sad that it’s not the case for most people.

I love helping individuals like you own your choices and feel more empowered around money.

If you'd like to learn about private work, please visit my website on Northwestern Mutual.